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Tune in for weekly episodes about our health and fitness podcasts that’ll keep you informed, entertained, and inspired to reach your goals. Share it with your friends or send it to someone who needs a kick start to the commitment of their own health and fitness!

Welcome to Nurses corner

Join your hosts Tee McConnell (RN/owner of NuLead Nutrition) and Samantha Rambo (APRN/owner of Wellness for Anybody) as they talk about relevant health topics that are both fun and informative all form the nurses perspective. This episode was created to give you some background info on the hosts and why the podcast was created! Enjoy the episode and don't forget to show your support by subscribing!


Trouble Losing Weight? Could be your Hormones!

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things with your diet and fitness but scale is not moving? It could be your hormones!! Today, we talk about the key hormones that can affect your ability to lose weight and why! We also dive into important steps that you can take to bring your hormones back into balance!


Spilling the Tea: Women's Sexual Health

In today's episode we spill the tea on women's sexual health and dive into these topics:

- Key hormones that affect women 
- Different factors that can affect women's sexual health
- Important interventions that can improve sexual health
- The link between self-image and confidence in the bedroom

Effect of body image and self-image on women's sexual behavior.<422::AID-EAT10>3.0.CO;2-1


Spilling the Tea: Men's Sexual Health

Last episode we talked all about the ladies! Today, we are focusing all on men's sexual health and issues!
We talk about :
- important hormones and their role in sexual health
- trends in men's sexual health
- common sexual health issues and what they could also mean 
- ways to improve sexual health issues

Trends in Serum Testosterone Levels Among Adolescent and Young Adults Men in the United State.Patel P, Fantus R, Lokeshwar S, et al. Presented at: 2020 AUA Virtual Experience; May 15, 2020. Abstract MP78-01.


Valentine's Day Episode

All about love and sex on this special Valentine's episode! Talking about:
- Sexual Health
- Key differences between men and women related to love and sex
- Tips for improving sexual health
- Self love


Can Insulin Resistance Slow Your Weight Loss? 

Talking all about Insulin and Insulin resistance!
- How many people does this affect?
- What is insulin and insulin resistance?
- How can this affect us?
- Can it affect our weightloss?
- Is there a genetic component to it?
- Key interventions on preventing insulin resistance 


Busting Myths about PCOS

PCOS is one of the most common health conditions facing women yet there are a lot of myths surrounding this mysterious disorder!

- What is PCOS? 
- How many people have it?
- Signs and symptoms
- Can you get pregnant if you have PCOS?
- Is there a cure?
- Tips for managing symptoms
- Types of exercise that are the MOST beneficial 


Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Weight?

Are you feeling tired and weak? Depressed? Unable to lose weight? It could be your THYROID! Today, we talk all about thyroid health in particular hypothyroidism. Also diving into:
- The role of the thyroid
- Signs of hormone imbalance
- Difference between an underactive thyroid and overactive thyroid
- How to get diagnosed
- Important action steps

Regenerating Images in Memory

Talking with our special guest Master Certified RIM Practitioner  Michael Kline on today's special episode .

We introduce an extraordinary method called RIM ( Regenerating Images in Memory) and discuss how it differs from traditional talk therapy.

Though not considered to be psychotherapy, It is a transformational technique that helps to release negative memories and regenerates more positives ones. It also helps identify hidden blocks making needed change easier.

-we also dive into how RIM is used
- who it can benefit
- our personal experiences using this method to overcome blocks 

If you are interested in more info or would like to try a session, click on the link below:

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