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The Most Underrated Exercise and Habit that will Give You Some Serious Results

Not thinking too much about counting macros or calories this season? I totally get it...

With so much going on with our families and fun holiday treats, we all kind of want to focus on the fun stuff!

That's why I wanted to talk more about this one habit that you can do any time of the year plus you can ask your family/ friends to join in.

What is this one habit?

It's walking! Yes walking ....if you just spend 30 minutes a day getting some steps in, you will see so many incredible benefits like:

- improves mood

- trims the waistline

- builds muscle endurance

- increases energy levels

- lose body fat

- reduces stress

Plus no gym membership is required! You can also listen to your favorite music or bring some friends with you ...

Remember a healthy lifestyle is not about being perfect with all your habits, it's about consistency. Consistency equals results over any extreme diet!

Let's all encourage each other and go out for a walk today! If you do, take a quick selfie or video and tag me in it @nuleaf_nutrition_coach

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